Bridesmaid Inspiration Board

It was way to easy for me to be talked into showing off this board that I created for my bridesmaids. But you know me, I really can't keep my mouth shut about anything.

Source: Necklace, Bouquet, skirt, Hair piece, shoes

I'm getting these incredibly amazing skirts in a few different fabrics, so the girls will be a little mis-matched and a little the same. I've decided to find super cute floral and pearl necklaces (I already have a few from Nordstrom and Anthropologie all on sale!). Still haven't decided if I want the girls to wear the same or different colored hairpieces yet. And of course nude shoes, but all different styles of course.

As far as the bouquet goes, let me just say that I am obsessed with this fabric flower bouquet! I can't seem to get enough of it. The girls would look so amazing with this plus it is totally different than any regular bouquet out there. Now if only they weren't $200 a piece! Eeks.

And the icing on the cake of this whole thing is that just yesterday, none of this existed. I had a totally different mock up and even had ALL the dresses purchased. Somehow I was lucky enough that the store took them back for the full price even though I bought them 5 months ago! Incred. I'm so excited they did because this allows my current inspiration to take it's part in the wedding!

What do you think? Are my girls going to look good or what??