Event Designer/Planner {CHECK}

I said I could do it all myself, I said I was strong enough, I think I even said it would be easy at one point. Well, I have since realized I have been wrong all along. The excitement and decision behind getting a planner goes a little deeper than "booking just another vendor" because in all honesty a planner is basically your wedding brain. I thought I could do it all and I actually did accomplish quite a bit on my own, but there was just no way I could finish it alone.

The real kicker that made me decide was the thought of what to do the day of the wedding. After I found out that Holman Ranch doesn't have a day of coordinator it got me to thinking about what that day was actually going to be like for me. There is just no way I could do it all on the day of for very obvious reasons. So, I began the super simple hunt for a planner.

I started the search by looking through The Inspired List. Enter: Shannon Leahy. If you want to talk about obsessions let's talk about mine with her. Totally in love with her design skills. I just stare at the beauty of it all, all the time. She was super sweet and just loved everything I had going for the wedding.

We met for coffee and went over the whole thing. Toward the end she just started with lists and priorities and everything else. It wasn't overwhelming, in fact, I was glad she did because it was the most sanity I have had about this wedding yet. I could just feel the stress lift and began to realize that the whole thing was going to be pulled off and I didn't have to sit there clogging my head with "to-do" lists when I could just get it all done.

The whole point of this ridiculously long story is that I am so very excited and so very happy that I made the decision to get a planner.  She knows what she is doing and she is making sure that I get it all done on time.