Weekly Recap! Part 2

Here is part two of our weekly recap! So much good stuff that it didn't all fit in one post :) Check it out, and let me know what you think. Feedback allows me to give you all that you need and want from Engaged and Inspired!

Introducing our newest featured photographer: Hannah Suh! I am so excited to have her over here because her work is something I absolutely love!

Spring on the Runway: All you Bay Area locals come down for an afternoon of Cupcakes, Tea and Fashion as we host local fashion designers with our spring runway show! This is a great chance to take a break from planning, and you'll get to meet me as well!

Orange Extraordinaire: The reception of this orange wedding was great. So many great ideas to adapt from. Also, make sure you check out the dancing section of the wedding-talk about an awesome party!

Orange Extraordinaire Part 1: The ceremony, getting ready, the details, this post has all those darling parts to a wedding that turn into the greatest pictures!

Giveaway: The winner will be announced on Monday! Make sure you enter :)

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