Weekly Recap! Part 1

Wow, so many amazing posts this past week! I am looking to further expand Engaged and Inspired and do what I can to keep doing what I abolsutely love to do, write and talk weddings!

The week started off on Mother's Day when I posted this incredible preggers session.

Home Makeover: This week I released my plans to not only keep my wedding budget at $10,000, but also to take the smart and green approach and find all reuasable decor! After the wedding I will have quite the home makeover :)

Bold Bridesmaids: I posted this bold look for those spring bridesmaids. Love this look so very much. What color are you using for your bridesmaid dresses?

From Wedding to Home Decor: I am pretty much obsessed with this idea of using wine crates in the wedding, then turning around and use them as planter boxes or shelving in your home. It saves some money, and the idea is adorable for both.

Get this Look: This look is absolutely incredible. It is by far one of my favorite reception decors of all time. Provided you have a similar space, this vintage look is completely obtainable for fairly cheap! I researched where to find the best prices on these items so you can get this look!

Getting to Know Eachother: This week we talked about how we met our significant other! The stories are incredible, something definitely worth reading!