Little White Dress

With the Oscars last night I got to thinking about the other dresses I will  "need" for wedding celebrations. With showers, parties and our rehearsal dinner approaching there our lots of excuses to buy more than one white dress.

white dresses

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Did you wear a white dress to your other wedding festivities? Where did you shop?

Dress Shopping Round 3!

I am about six months from my wedding and I am celebrating by finally buying my wedding dress this weekend. Well, I haven't actually bought it yet. To be honest, I haven't even found the one yet. But I am off to wedding gown mecca, aka Kleinfeld’s, while I am in New York City this weekend and I am crossing my fingers and toes that THE dress is there. Here is a quick reminder of what I will be looking for. WISH ME LUCK!

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White Party Dress Dreams

Back in the beginning of my blogging days, when I was newly engaged, I was searching for the perfect engagement party dress. I was getting opinions from readers about which dress, and as you can see times haven't changed seeing as I did that up until the day of my wedding. I picked this as my fave dress for the Engagement Party.  (read a little more about that here, here, and here)

This favorite dress of mine is back in action at Nordstrom! It was out of commission for about a year, but as I was pursuing the racks, I came across it again. I hope that you bridal shower peeps take note because this is the perfect little dress. I wish I had another occasion to wear this.  :(


The Little White Dress

I love the latest Amsale collection! These designs are so chic and quite classic and the best part is that they are all available as either long or short dresses.

I want to wear one of these for the engagement party. The idea of wearing a white dress sounds fun to me, but I want something "party-like" as opposed to "formal". This is the perfect collection for that! I love all of them, but I think my favorite is the top left one.