{Venue Search} Which is your Favorite??

Let's ALL cross our fingers that this is the last time I EVER mention trying to find a venue. Gawwwd, I am so done with this part. I am beyond ready to get onto the FUN stuff!!!! First off thanks SO much for sticking by me this whole time in my search for the venue, and hopefully at some point, my whole process of designing and planning my wedding. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it all.

OK, take your pick. Obvi they are all great places, but each has some definite pro's and con's, so I have to figure out which I may not be ok with.

Taber Ranch: gorgeous barn and ranch! This one is the cheapest option by far, but there are a few major cons. 1. May not allow fire pits, 2. It is in the middle of no where! There is only one Inn to stay at, and it may not fit everyone?? 3. It is 2 hours away! I don't know how much guests feel about such a FAR drive!

Costanoa: I actually don't have too many pro's or con's with this as Ian just found it last night. It's close and it's cute, but I have no info on pricing and all that.

Calistoga Ranch: LOVE this place so much. This is the extremely over-budget option that I love. But, I must say that this option is not my obsession as much as it sounds. It doesn't have a ranch or barn like I have decided that I wanted. BUT, I still love it. It's gorgeous, but it will cut the guest list and up the budget just a lot!

Thoughts??? Which is your favorite??? Any other Northern California options that you guys have??

PS: Just for kicks, let me show the option I would DIE for....if I wanted to pay the $10,000-$20,000 site fee....plus $250++ per person for food.

Taber Ranch – The New Venue???

I have been a self-proclaimed basket-case for the last few days. But holy moly, I am so done with that. I have decided to just give it up and start looking for a new venue, one that was better. I know many of you are probably curious about what happened with the perfect and dreamy venue. Turns out that the perfect and dreamy venue comes with a not-so-perfect and not-so-amazing coordinator. Ya....In due time I will explain all the things that happened on that Sunday afternoon which left me in tears and thoroughly depressed and apathetic about this whole venue search. But that will be for another time once I can cool my jets a bit and not turn the whole story into a big fat he-said/she-said gossipfest. But rest-assured, the story will be told. OK, now onto bigger and better things! People kept telling me that it was a sign, it wasn't the right now, and all that. Well, as much as I beyond greatly appreciate all the encouragement and happy thoughts, I thought you all were crazy! Now I think you are right though. I found a ranch-style space that goes until 11. (Let's just say that though I actually PREFER the 9:30pm ending time, that early time was the reason and start of the whole downfall at the other venue.) The space is amazing and everything really seems to jive so far. It is a few hundred dollars more expensive and I still have to check on the firepits, but it's bigger, it's better, and we get to have a little bit more than just wine and beer.

It's called Taber Ranch and is about 2 hours north of where I live. That's the only blah-zeh point, the long drive. But they have an adorable Inn there, and it seems to be exactly what I want minus one crazy lady and a bunch of dumb rules that I didn't care to have restricting me.

Ready to see this beauty??? I think you all will love it. And though it is not Radonich, I think it'll do.

Source: Andrea's Images.