Simple Elegance at Holman Ranch

I am going back to Holman Ranch this weekend! I am really anxious to see the space again and see how all my little details and plans are going to fit in. In the mean time, I have been looking at real weddings done at Holman to get an idea of the colors, the florals, the use of space, etc. I found this one over at Style Me Pretty and fell in love. I love so many elements of this weddings but the thing I like best is that she has no "color scheme" and instead added lots of colors together to create her palette. I'm doing the same thing, and I just love it.

Do you ever look up weddings done at your venue??? Do you find that it helps with the inspiration or just narrows your mind to what has been done before?

Taber Ranch – The New Venue???

I have been a self-proclaimed basket-case for the last few days. But holy moly, I am so done with that. I have decided to just give it up and start looking for a new venue, one that was better. I know many of you are probably curious about what happened with the perfect and dreamy venue. Turns out that the perfect and dreamy venue comes with a not-so-perfect and not-so-amazing coordinator. Ya....In due time I will explain all the things that happened on that Sunday afternoon which left me in tears and thoroughly depressed and apathetic about this whole venue search. But that will be for another time once I can cool my jets a bit and not turn the whole story into a big fat he-said/she-said gossipfest. But rest-assured, the story will be told. OK, now onto bigger and better things! People kept telling me that it was a sign, it wasn't the right now, and all that. Well, as much as I beyond greatly appreciate all the encouragement and happy thoughts, I thought you all were crazy! Now I think you are right though. I found a ranch-style space that goes until 11. (Let's just say that though I actually PREFER the 9:30pm ending time, that early time was the reason and start of the whole downfall at the other venue.) The space is amazing and everything really seems to jive so far. It is a few hundred dollars more expensive and I still have to check on the firepits, but it's bigger, it's better, and we get to have a little bit more than just wine and beer.

It's called Taber Ranch and is about 2 hours north of where I live. That's the only blah-zeh point, the long drive. But they have an adorable Inn there, and it seems to be exactly what I want minus one crazy lady and a bunch of dumb rules that I didn't care to have restricting me.

Ready to see this beauty??? I think you all will love it. And though it is not Radonich, I think it'll do.

Source: Andrea's Images.

Venue: CHECK?

UPDATE: Radonich Ranch and Vignette Events turned into a nightmare of a situation and I ended up not booking my wedding there. Read more about that here: {Venue Nightmare} Radonich Ranch and Vignette Events. I went to see the Vignette Vintage Ranch this weekend! It was definitely the majority pick from all of you on Friday. I was thinking that it would be very hard to incorporate my vision and style into this space, but after talking with a few of my bridesmaids, I realized that everything I have been talking about from the keys and the pie favors, to fire-pits and the burlap inspiration are all things that would be perfect in this venue! I guess I never really knew what my inspiration and vision really was!

So, now to take you through the venue :) I will warn you in advance though, there is definitely some good news and some bad news. (PS-these are iPhone pics, so they are not all that good.)

This tree is in the middle right when you walk in. I know that Ian would love to have horseshoes at the wedding as we just got them in our backyard and they are all obsessed! We could use this tree for a bunch of signs pointing all different directions, which would be super cute!

This is the ceremony spot. The backdrop is great, rolling mountains as far as you can see. The spot in front is all grass, which I don't hate and isn't a deal-breaker, but I don't love all that much. I think I could make this alter pretty cute, but it's definitely my least favorite part of the spot.

This is just a picture to give an idea of the amount of space, greenery, picture spots, etc. The ceremony spot is on the left.

You can kind of see the ceremony spot to the right, and this is the bar area. They have really vintage coke freezers, which we could definitely incorporate! Kind of a cute little area over there.

This is the ranch area! Super rustic, but I will tell you that it looks sooo much better in person! This would be the cocktail area. There is an indoor bar, an old vintage furnace, and benches lining the walls! Super cute little area.

Standing on the ranch veranda, you look out on the barn. I love the barn! I was thinking that we could use the space between the ranch and the barn for the fire-pits, s'mores, cigars, etc. At night we can open the barn doors (on the left) and dancing could take place inside while the fire-pits are going outside.  That way everyone is together even if not everyone wants to do the same thing!

This is the inside of the barn. It is just super simple and could offer SO many really amazing decor plans. Literally an empty slate!

So there you have it! The place was quiet and serene and overall amazing! I could see every aspect of the wedding fitting in perfectly here, and I could really picture it all. I could picture the people, the set-up, the decor, everything!

Now for the downside of it all. I was so excited and ready to book. The venue coordinator called me and I told her I was ready to pick a date and send her the deposit immediately. Can you believe it??? I had decided on a venue! I was beyond excited. So what changed? I asked her about fire-pits, and guess what, that's a no. They don't allow fire because of the mountains and greenery. She did say that she would check since she heard how upset I was about that one aspect. So, there is still the possibility especially if I do it in April as there is more rain so the dryness isn't an issue. So, hopefully I'll find out soon!

Otherwise, I have to make the decision if I need the fire-pits that much to find a whole new venue, or if I should just figure out something that would be just as awesome. Any suggestions??

PS: I love that someone agrees with me on the name Brooklyn...and I totally agree about the backyard thing. Thanks for the letter :) I really do totally feel like I totally understand. <3