Holidays {registry inspiration}

Last week was Thanksgiving and, after registering a couple months ago, I could not stop looking at all the things around the kitchen on Turkey Day and making mental notes of what I needed to add to my registry. It's one thing walking around Williams-Sonoma with a scanning gun and it's quite another to actually be cooking a feast and realize all the utensils, tools, and serving dishes that go into making it! Luckily we were at my fiance's family's place and they had all the necessities.

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So, I took the holiday as a chance to take a little inventory of the things on our registry. Some items got the boot. I'm continuing to take mental notes as the holidays get into full swing...roaster for 25 lb. bird? Check.

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At the moment I have two stores going - I chose Macy's, because they have everything and I know people will be able to go in-person if they prefer that, and Williams-Sonoma, because sometimes I like less options to choose from (and also because I love everything in that store). Potato masher? Check. is a great option for couples that don't want to commit to a few stores. The world is at your fingertips (or mouse in this case). It aggregates any item you want into a central registry. You can even scan a barcode with your MyRegistry phone app and add it that way. Genius! If you'd like to do a non-profit registry or feature one that's close to your heart, you can do that too.


I have to admit, when you are in the throngs of saving for a wedding, registering feels like the shopping you don't get to do!

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I love knowing that the things I'm picking out will end up being the gravy boats, casserole dishes, and platters that my groom, and our family, use on holidays for years to come. It's about more than getting presents - it's about making a house a home :)

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Do you have any registry favorites?

The Woes of the Registry

I just spent the entire past weekend moving. And as I was unpacking boxes and trying to find space for everything, I forced myself to honestly answer the question, “Do I really need this?” As I was doing this, I couldn’t help but think about all of the wedding and shower gifts I will soon be generously given by our friends and family. And my first thought was, “I need to revisit my registry.”

The first time I actually headed to the store to start my registry, I have to admit I went a little crazy. You are basically picking out things that other people will buy you! I think it would be difficult for anyone to show restraint (Yes I NEED a melon baller and two different sized ice cream scoops!). But now that I know where I will be living when said gifts arrive, I think it’s time to edit this list a bit. For one, I actually hate melons and my fiancé and I don’t eat much ice cream, so why would I register for these two things?

In the registry process, one of the biggest things I learned was register for what works for you. For example, every one of my friends registers for a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. So of course, I almost registered for one (they are so pretty – for a kitchen appliance!).  But my fiancé and I try to avoid sugar and gluten, so I doubt I will be making anything that requires this. Oh yeah and that minor detail that I don’t bake!

So I will be taking a hard look at all the fun stuff that is on my list this week and doing a thorough “house cleaning” before these things are even in my house!

What about you – and tips for registering? How did you restrain yourself when “pulling the trigger” on that nifty registry gun they give you?

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