Striped Straw Love

It has started! I feel totally different now that I have a venue picked. The ideas flowing like you wouldn't believe! But that is also where the problem lies. I don't want to give up all the details prior to the wedding happening because a) people that are coming to the wedding read this and b) I don't want the wedding to come and have all my ideas be "last weeks inspiration". So, I'm going to figure out how to play with it so there is are still some surprises, but you all stay in the know on all the plans! So now for today. I have been looking for straws like these everywhere, and I finally found a place to get them. I do want these for my wedding, but I actually wanted to find them for summer parties at our new house. There are so many times to use these little cute accessories, that you might as well just do what I did and buy a variety of colors! I price-checked, these are the cheapest! Check out this Etsy shop.

Source: Amy Atlas, Etsy, Trisha Dean, Peach and Pearl

Oh and Ian and I are working on this new project, which surprisingly should be done way sooner than expected! If you want to add some feedback, as a vendor or bride, fill out this survey which also adds you to our big giveaway!

Dessert Table and Cake Pops

Suppies: The little white platters are from Crate and Barrel along with the amazing yellow vases which were $9.95 each. I got 4 big diamonds for decoration and the "i do" napkins from Michaels. I also picked up some mason jars from Michaels to put flowers in. The flowers were from Trader Joe's and were only $1.50 per bundle! The tags on the cake pops were made by Print Your Party. They added an amazing personalized touch!

The treat table was my favorite part! The cake balls and cake pops (all those little pink and white things on sticks) were an absolute hit! And well I am glad because I spent about 8 hours slaving away at those!

The idea was to make cake pops that look like the ones above. The mini cakes didn't turn out like that, but the balls didn't look too bad.

Bakerella provided some great instructions for how to make these and what supplies to use. After spending about $40 on the special chocolate, cookie cutters and pop sticks ( plus I had to pay a lot in shipping!) I went to Michael's and found all the same supplies there! So my one tip is to check your local craft store to save shipping costs.

(This is only about a quarter of all that I made) The recipe is really simple, it is just the actual sculpting, dipping, and drying that takes a long time. You basically mix a cake and a lot of frosting together to make the substance that holds it in a ball shape. The chocolate ones had too much frosting and the vanilla ones didn't have nearly enough- so error to the side of more frosting as it balls easier and stays moister! Oh and if you can help it, I don't suggest making them the day before unless you can store them upside-down overnight. Right before the party I had about 5 or 6 fall off the stick.

But in the end, all of them were eaten! :)

White and Yummy

This is not what my engagement party will look like, but I wish! So gorgeous, chic and WHITE! The party is this Saturday so next week you can look forward to actual pics of the party instead of just tons of ideas. I can't wait to get everything decorated so I can actually see all my ideas come (or not come) into fruition. The process will start tomorrow, that way I have a day to figure out where I went wrong and how I can fix it.

Though I sort of can't wait for this party to be over (due to the planning stress of it all) I am so excited to see it all come together. I have to say this was a smart idea in terms of practice for planning my wedding. I will be able to see how things go right or wrong, and how to mock it all up before-hand, so it all comes off without a hitch!