Speaking of Engagement Sessions...

Today let's talk about engagement shoots! I love these shoots as it is a candid way for a couple to capture fun moments of the two of them. There are so many ways to make this shoot interesting, creative and fun. Wardrobe, location and props can play a major part in this shoot and the end result. With a quick wardrobe change, you are suddenly creating a whole different style of photo. Change the scenery and the composition of the space will be different, allowing you to change up the feel of the shoot, go from flirty to romantic, to editorial. Oh and props! This is the easiest and my far the most fun way to change up the shoot! Literally anything can be a prop. This is a way to incorporate fun things to your engagement shoot, but can also be a way to add something that is meaningful to the two of you!

I'm obsessed with each and everyone of these photos

Source: Tea Lily Photography

Source: Misha Media

Source: Wedding Chicks

Source: Laura Eaton

I am going to do mine shortly and I am trying to figure out what props, wardrobe and locations to use! I want a really awesome engagement shoot that really expresses us as a couple. I want ample outfits and lots of fun locations! Anyone have location suggestions in the Bay Area??

One idea I had was a restaurant in Napa called Brix. They have vineyards, fountains, lounge seating areas, inside bar, and railroad tracks. I could definitely get all the different "locations" all in one place there! What are your engagement shoot plans??

More fabulous engagement shoot ideas coming up later today!