{Brent + Erica} Summertime Engagement Session

This engagement shoot comes to an avid reader of Engaged & Inspired, Erica. She sent over her engagement pics and a cute note , "Your blog is always the first thing I pull up in the morning when I get to work to see your latest blog posts or DIY ideas. I have several of your paper flowers in our bedroom vase!" Brent Pease and Erica Silverman are a really energetic and outgoing couple that wanted a not-so-ordinary engagement session. The couple is getting married on the golf course at the Ansley Golf Club in Atlanta, GA.

Brent recently completed the Louisville Full Ironman and the St. Anthony;s ironman this past spring with his brothers Evan and Kyle (kyle has CP so it's an exceptional story. Learn more

Photography: James Paul Photography

Epic Engagement by Joseph Was Here Photography

A new obsession of mine is Joseph West Photography. There is no other way to slice it except to say that this is just some of the coolest photography ever. Such a genius in my eyes! Of course it makes it a lot easier when you have a couple with such swagger as these two do. This is an engagement shoot with such personality and a few added props that anyone would just love to have. This shoot is part engagement, part wedding and part thrash the dress shoot all in one, and those are just the props. I really can't wait to see the wedding photos.

Joseph Was Here Photography is a part of The Inspired List.

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Engagement Session by One Love Photo

Our Friday feature is a real treat from One Love Photography. Talk about a photographer I obsess over, One Love Photo is most definitely on the list. This engagement session amongst the trees looks like so much fun to shoot. And when they reach the old abandoned home, it just gets even better. Oh and from the fashion side of it, her outfits are so marvelous. Simple and chic and all around put together. Lovely