Take My Breath Away

Are you following me yet on Pinterest? Well you should be! And if you already are, then you’ve probably noticed a trend among my flower posts – Baby’s Breath. I love it! No longer just a cheesy filler flower (you know it was a part of your prom corsage/bouquet back in the day!), Baby’s Breath looks amazing on its own. It reminds me of a soft, airy cloud. Ok, but who am I kidding – my immediate draw to it was the price – it is super inexpensive!

I originally thought this flower would be great to accent my rustic, outdoor wedding.

Credits: Jar, Bouquet, Table Number, Arch, Buckets

But now that we have switched to a more classic, city venue, I think it could still work.

Credits (clockwise from top left): Aisle, Centerpiece 1, Centerpiece 2, Bouquet, Centerpiece 3

A few tips on using baby’s breath that I have learned in my research:

1. Baby’s Breath is often confused with Lilly of the Valley – an equally pretty flower that is MUCH more expensive (Hello - Lilly of the Valley is what Kate Middleton used in her bouquet and she’s a princess!).

2. DIYing your bouquet? You can order baby’s breath in bulk from places like Costco and Sam’s Club (Sam’s Club lists it under “filler,” but you know better…).

3. Baby’s Breath is much easier to work with since you are using just one type of flower and won’t require formal training as a florist to arrange!

Whether your wedding is country rustic or city glam, I think Baby’s Breath looks stunning in both bouquets and center pieces. Have you used Baby’s Breath or seen it being used at a wedding? Share in your comments below!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who offered photographer suggestions in my first post! They were all awesome and you’ve already made my photog search easier!

Vintage and Detailed Wedding (In my potential venue!)

I wanted to show off this wedding because it is at the venue I plan on doing mine in! :) I basically googled the venue and searched for images so I could see what other people did, how the space was set up, etc. This completely helped me decide because I could really visualize how it could actually work! They really wanted a backyard feel to their wedding which they definitely accomplished from the DIY food, to the DIY decor. Everything was made by them from start to finish! This is pretty much what I want to do, so it's great to see that someone else has accomplished that and gotten published! (This wedding was featured on Ruffled.)

You can't see too many pictures of the space itself, but what do you think about it?? I would definitely love to hear thoughts, ideas of what I can do with it, etc!

Source: Caroline Tran

Love the entrance way! I also wanted to hang lanterns which this place is literally perfect for.

Ok, that is just part 1! You can sort of see the space a little in terms of the colors, the nature, the brick etc. It's all very pretty, and it makes it even better that this wedding is beyond gorgeous!