The Venue Search | Carmel & Big Sur Wedding Venues

Finding a venue is the first step in planning a wedding. It also happens to be one of the most challenging. Finding everything you want in one place isn't easy, but it can be done! (sometimes you just have to visit a billion venues, like I did).

I received an email asking for venues from Big Sur to Santa Cruz with redwoods, pine trees or gorgeous views. Not all of these fit that exact bill as I like to give options, just in case! I thought I'd share some good venue options here too!

Big Sur:

Anderson Canyon: This one is my very favorite!

Wind and Sea: Great for smaller weddings. 

Glen Oaks: Recently redone! This place looks so beautiful, although very mid-century modern. 

Post Ranch Inn: Gorgeous location, but only for smaller parties up to 20 people. 

Ventana Inn: This was another top contender when I was getting married! Beautiful hotel and location to get married :)


Holman Ranch: Obvi I have to throw Holman Ranch on this list. :) 

Gardener Ranch: Beautiful spot and it has accommodations for up to 50 people! So you really get to make an experience out of it! 

Santa Lucia Preserve: This place is a stunner! Logistically, it is a tough one as you have to have a member of the community "sponsor" your event. This was my number one location when I was getting married but I was turned off by how much of a pain it would be to try to find someone to sponsor, etc. 

Santa Cruz:

Nestldown: Beautiful trees, a gorgeous barn. This place sort of has it all. 

Castle House and Gardens: I love this charm of this location. It takes "backyard wedding" to a whole different level!

Costanoa Lodge: This one isn't my most favorite in terms of ceremony locations, but it has some gorgeous views and a very cozy feel.