"Be Yourself, Together" Rehearsal Dinner

Break out the cocktails and get ready to party! The rehearsal dinner is a perfect time to enjoy the company of your closest friends and family before the whirlwind of your wedding day. This event also gives your two families a chance to mingle and get to know each other. The "Be Yourself, Together" Campaign

So today I'm here with a round-up featuring everything you need to create a perfect party. Target has turned into a huge resource for entertaining and decorating my home. Seriously, they are just so good!



1: Vase | 2: Taper Candle Holder | 3: Candle Holder | 4: Marble Print Tray | 5: Votive Elephant Candles | 6: Bar Cart

Keep the rehearsal dinner fuss-free yet beautiful with lots of candles and simple place settings. No need to go over the top with details galore, that is what your wedding day is for! 

Add a few vases of flowers to the tables, and some serving trays for those yummy bites (seriously, how amazing are those marble trays?!) and of course a bar stocked wit hall the essentials to get the party going! 

Take the time to enjoy your company and don't stress over anything on the night of the rehearsal dinner.