Our Holiday Gift Wrapping

I have an obsession with wrapping. If you don't believe me just look at my wrapping Pinterest board. All year I have been trying different designs, color palettes and toppers in preparation for my holiday wrapping. between my husband and I there are over 20 people in the family to give gifts to, so I needed something awesome but easy!

Remember this Sarah Seven brunch I designed last month? Well, I made a pom pom wall and therefore ended up with several hundred poms that made perfect toppers for presents. I bought some grey paper, gold ink, and a snowflake stamp from Paper Source and went to town stamping all the paper before wrapping them up!

I them made some fabric tags with each person's name. They look like they took a while, but it was the easiest piece of the wrapping puzzle.

And for good measure I made a few glitter tape bows. I was obsessed with this one.

Over the holiday season I accidentally accumulated a bevy of glitter tape options. I can't wait to use all of these in 2013! (What's left of them anyway)

What did you do for your holiday wrapping?