Yarn Ornament DIY

Confession: I am not the biggest fan of traditional Christmas colors. This year I decided to do things a little different and add in some of my own fun colors to this holiday season. Hence my assortment of yarn colors to fill my home with holiday cheer. This year I decided to make a few of my own ornaments to add to our growing collection. So here is a pretty simple DIY to get you into the holiday season!


Yarn Glass Ornaments or Styrofoam balls assorted sizes. (Michaels) Tacky Spray (Michaels)

Step 1: Spray Tacky spray on the top half of the ornament. Start wrapping the yarn around the top and continue on down the ornament.

Step 2: Spray the bottom half and continue until it is complete!

And there you have it! Perfect yarn ornaments to hang on the tree!