MAKING THIS: Wedding Signs

Today we are making super simple wedding signs. These are pretty darn easy and really amp up any piece of your wedding. A "sweet nothings" sign above your dessert table, a ceremony sign across the altar, a "gifts" sign or how about a s'more table sign for a little something special for your guests.

Things to grab before starting this project:  1.  White Letters from Michaels. \\ 2. Jute Twine from Home Depot \\ Glue Gun

  • Decide what you want your lovely signs to say. "Give Me Your Forever" is a lyric from a Ben Harper song. Feel free to pull from whatever inspiration you choose.
  • Layout the letters evenly on the twine and glue! Glue like crazy :)
  • And there you have it! Enjoy making some fabulous signs for your big day! (Or even for your home)