Nail'd It!

So while I was debating on hairstyles last week, I also began to  wonder what I should do with my nails. To bling or not to bling? It's a silly topic to some, but to others this is something fun to discuss and to distract you from your endless to-do list and piles of DIY supplies. (That "others" is me right now...big time!)

For me, freshly polished nails are a cherry to a perfect look. I'm not big on acrylic so I know I won't go that route but what's a girl to do? Our colors are various blues, creamy tans and earthy greens and browns. So I was thinking of adding a bit of blue in a fun way without going overboard maybe with something like these.

Source: The Beauty Department, Lyndar the Merciles

I'm a huge fan of the ring finger jazzed up with  something sparkly and these looks are just the ticket.

Source: Glamour, Cupcakes and Cashmere

These twists on the classic french manicure are fun too! 

Source: The Beauty Department, Pinterest, Something To Drink

Between all the big decisions and DIY goof-ups (more on this in another post), it's nice to focus on some small fun details like nails. My mind can relax a bit before it's back down to business. Time is flying by and I can't wait to make more planning progress to share!


How big are nails to you on the big day? Flashy or plain, where do you stand?

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