Garden Wedding Sneak Peek

Hello E & I readers! I am back from a glorious 2 weeks of honeymooning in Hawaii and thought I would stop by to share a few wedding pictures with you. If you followed along throughout my planning process, you already  know that finding the perfect photographer was extremely important to me. In fact, I spent the most time researching and interviewing photographers than any other vendor we hired. 10 months into our engagement and I still had no photographer. I started to question my standards and began to wonder if my perfect photographer exsisted. Then one day, I saw a facebook ad for a photographer I never heard of before, Cassi Claire. I clicked on her website and was immediately hooked. After seeing these perfect images from my dream wedding, I'm sure you'll agree she was worth the wait. cassi claire photography

cassi claire photography cassi claire photography

nj photographer cassi claire

If you, like me, can't wait to see more, like Cassi on facebook for more updates. And keep an eye out for our wedding, as we plan on submitting it for publication. I'll be back next week with some tips and lessons learned. Leave any questions you want answered in the comments!