Organize the Bride

This is the current state of my (lack of) wedding organization...

Embarrassing, right?! I need to find a better way before I have a stack that is actually falling over, not just looking like it wants to. While those of us planning our weddings are lucky that we can keep a ton of information on our computers, we inevitably end up with some unsightly wedding-related things with no home. In my stack are magazines, contracts, vendor business cards, a wedding planning book, etc. And while I know I could file some of it on my computer and toss the paper versions, I find that I like to have some things that I can pick up and look at. A good old binder or accordion file would be a good start, but there are other shapes and sizes that wouldn't fit and would end up like the above picture (in a teetering stack).

So, this week, I started thinking about what I'm going to do to organize this mess.

I love these hanging organizers...

Source (both)

BUT, I live in an apartment in San Francisco, so it goes without saying that I ran out of wall space and extra rooms a while ago. If I had my own office, I would love to use something like the above options. It would be great to have the magazine tear-out pages hanging, and business cards and bridesmaid dress swatches pinned up.

 Then there are the typical office-looking organizers. Which, again, could work if I had a dedicated 'office.'



What I need is something in between. Functional, yet cute and versatile enough to repurpose after the wedding. I also want something that can fit things of different sizes; from magazines, to books, to invitation samples and stamps. I think any of the below options could work.





I'm especially liking the last baskets, because they would be so easy to use after the wedding (from storing towels in a bathroom, to books in a bedroom, etc.). The only problem is my cat would think I bought them for him as scratching posts ;-)

How did you tame your wedding stack of stuff?