Off the Cuff

These days I am avoiding all un-fun wedding to-dos and responsibilities by looking at beautiful jewelry online. In addition to wedding bands, I also can’t stop looking at beautiful bracelets, specifically cuffs. I am obsessed in particular with pea

rl cuffs. Of course in my google search I found the perfect ones from J.Crew, but they are either out of stock or no longer being sold. Ugh.

I also found these dazzlers. But I can’t decide if I like them more than the above.

I am also thinking of going away from the sweet pearl look and rocking some serious bling in the form of rhinestones.

Aren’t the above just lovely? And when else can you get away with wearing that much bling?

Or maybe I will just combine the two and go with the below.

Thoughts? Where did you find your wedding jewelry? Anyone have those J.Crew bracelets and want to sell them to me pretty please?

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