Welcoming Your Guests With Style!

Good morning! This week has been one of the craziest wedding planning weeks so far. And with only 16 days until the wedding, I'm sure you can understand why. A few days ago I had a really terrible hair and make up trial. For the past year and a half I knew exactly how I wanted to wear my hair on my big day and I knew exactly the girl who was going to make that happen. I have been seeing the same hair stylist for years now and we decided to do the trial close to the wedding because my hair would be long (I have been growing it for a year) and I would be tan. Needless to say, I left the salon feeling disappointed and discouraged and frankly, back at square one, but after doing a little more research and talking to friends and family I feel back on track. I just thought I would update you on the craziness of the last few weeks before the big day. If that is the only thing that goes wrong I'll be happy! Today I'm talking welcome bags!

Welcome bags are something I knew I wanted to do from the beginning of the planning process. I just love checking into a hotel for someone's wedding weekend and being greeted with a small thank you. I think the key to successful welcome bags is small and thoughtful items.


Definitely a little love note to your guests is a nice touch!

Source Directions and a map are a must for out of town guests!


Some other things I was thinking: water, advil, some snacks and possibly some champagne?

one, two, three, four, five

*Have any must-have welcome bags items? Please share!