Want to elope?

I've been fantasizing about beautiful elopements all day. (Is it okay to admit that?) Elopements have a really special way of just cutting out all the crap, and focusing on the love between a couple. A love that is as strong as ever on that particular day. A love that will be celebrated and honored by them alone for every hour of that very special day. Elopements can be a magical thing. Here are some of my favorites:

Big Sur, CA; photos by Evynn LeValley Photography; sourced from Ruffled Blog Florence, Italy; photo by Sarah Kate; sourced from Style Me PrettySan Francisco City Hall; photo by Tinywater Photography; sourced from Green Wedding Shoes

Doesn't it just seem like the most gorgeous, romantic photos are taken during intimate elopements? Every one I see is just magical. All you need is each other, no one else. Just the two of you, making a lifetime commitment to each other. No show, no performance. No expectations. You just get to walk away having married your best friend, and curling up together to soak it all in.

Paris, France; photo by One and Only Paris Photography; sourced from Style Me PrettyCentral Park, NY; photos by Mademoiselle Fiona; sourced from Ruffled Blog

Full disclosure (if you can't already tell): I've had a particularly difficult week filled with family drama. And these beautiful elopements just ease my mind on a day like today. It's nice to know there's always a gorgeous backup plan like many of the above.

Have any of you found yourself wanting to elope? Or better yet, did you actually elope?