Registries: There's an app for that!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was revisiting my registry. Well I think I also mentioned how overwhelming I found it. You think it would be easy to pick out gifts that other people will purchase for you, but it’s not!

So I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open for any helpful tidbits that might make the process a bit easier. I recently came across a cool app called WeddingScan, which is $2.99. WeddingScan is a wedding registry application that allows you to register for any item, at any store simply by scanning a product's barcode with the WeddingScan iPhone app. If a product doesn't have a barcode, WeddingScan allows you to take a picture of it and add a brief description. Pretty cool, right?

You can send your friends and family your unique WeddingScan URL, which will take them to your personal registry list. Or your guests can search for your registry on

This allows you to have just one registry, no matter how many different stores you visited to register items. I kind of wish I found this before I started my registry process!

What cool technology has helped you throughout the wedding planning process?

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