May Love Always be in Bloom

Friends, I cannot tell you how excited I am to share our first planning meeting! Since our venue is all inclusive, the vendors all meet with you at one time for a long appointment (4-5 hours) in order to plan out the details of your wedding. This made me a bit sad. I'm definitely not one to micromanage or need to be constantly calling and checking status, checking lists, etc. With that said, I really want to be an active part of our wedding planning. Luckily as I stated in last weeks post, our venue is still working out their kinks which meant we are able to work with a few of the vendors before the big meeting thus extending our planning involvement. The best part about this place is that we are given a wedding coordinator who will be there with us from our early stages until we say farewell to our guests on our wedding night. Want to know what's even better? This lady is our florist and the bees knees! Now if you follow my personal blog or have caught me on Twitter or Instagram, you may already know I have an affinity for gardens and more specifically, flowers. Most of the names are lost on me, but I know which are my favorite and I want all of them in my garden one day. (Ask me about the bugs though, and you won't be able to shut me up! But I digress...) With that said, I am ashamed to admit that I had no real idea of which flowers I wanted for my bouquet. Anything too structured or fancy is not my thing. We're going for a very natural feel for our wedding so a bouquet that looks very "just picked" is right up my alley. While orchids and star gazer lilies are beautiful (and smell like heaven) they would feel too stuffy in my hands on my journey down the aisle. These are beautiful and very easy-breezy.

Source: Project Wedding, Green Wedding Shoes, The Pretty Blog


I also considered a brooch bouquet like one below beauties. Ultimately I chose a bouquet of real flowers but these are such a fun alternative to flowers and can be less worry about finding the color you want!

Source: EtsyStyle Me Pretty


Now for boutonnieres, this was the easiest part of the appointment. The Mister was very firm on what he wanted and though I brought each of the examples below, he stuck to his guns and asked for the million star as seen on the bottom right. Now I completely agree that it was the best choice for what we were looking for.


Source: Ruffled Blog, Ruffled BlogEmmaline Bride


Meeting with our florist/coordinator was such a relief in my worry about how our wedding planning will go and really helped put a more real picture together for our big day. I also realized that by having an idea of the look and feel we were going for but allowing our florist use her knowledge and experience, we were able to put our vision together and choose the flowers to fit that. Next week I will be sharing more on the appointment so I hope you're ready for more flowers!


What direction did you go with your bouquet? Did your man get any say in your floral decisoins?



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