Suit Yourself!

If you haven’t noticed, I often use my blog post as my “prep homework” for whatever wedding to-do I need to tackle that week. It actually helps me think through what I need to get done and make a decision. This weekend, my fiancé and I are finally picking out what he and the groomsmen will be wearing. So, here comes my thought process on men’s wear… I originally wanted Niall to wear his Marine dress blues. I actually sent him a text making this request while watching Will & Kate’s wedding last year. I can’t help it, men look good in uniform!

But Niall was a little uncomfortable wearing his uniform as he is no longer active duty. We quickly decided no on the suit option – Niall wears one almost every day to work, and I really didn’t want him to feel like it was just another work day! So I think we are going with a very classic tuxedo.

As our wedding is in the evening and will be in a venue that feels more on the formal side, I think a tux will definitely be a good fit.

I’ve also have never seen my fiancé in a classic tux, and I just know he will look so debonair and suave (I actually swoon a little just imagining him in one!).

Plus Prince William changed into a classic tux for his reception and if it’s good enough for him, then I am ok with it!

What are your thoughts? Anyone else’s guy pick a classic tux for their wedding?

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