Vintage Transportation

I drive a Honda Element. Also affectionately known as "The Orange Box." But lately I've been a little obsessed with looking up photos of vintage cars and motorcycles and fantasizing about cruising around in one of those. Even though I can spend an hour just looking at pictures of beautiful old cars and bikes, I wouldn't call myself a car and motorcycle aficionado by any stretch. Maybe just an admirer. If you haven't noticed, Kyle and I love all things vintage. We're kinda like that movie Midnight in Paris, where you think that past generations were far better than your own. So it should come as no surprise that we love vehicles of past generations. They just made them so much better back then!

It's extra fun for me to look at photos of people who include their lovingly restored car, motorcycle, or even motorcycle with a sidecar in their wedding photos.

Photo by m three studio, sourced from ruffled

Photo by Made U Look Photography, sourced from Jinxi Boo

Photo and source from Kate Harrison Photography

Photo and source from Cameron & Kelly Studio

Photo by For You Love Me, sourced from Green Wedding Shoes

Kyle and I each have a 1970s Honda motorcycle, which are really more restoration projects than anything right now, and we're thinking about parking them up at this spot to snap some photos on our wedding day.

Photo by One Love Photo, sourced from snippet & ink

What do you think? Is it just awesome enough to be worth the trouble? Or are we going to be taking so many photos that we'll barely have the time?

Do you have a classic car or motorcycle that you're including in your wedding plans? I'd love to hear so I can drool over pictures of it!