Finding The Right Dress

According to the folks on Say Yes to the Dress, your wedding gown is the most important thing about your wedding. Now while I may not agree with this, I do think it's definitely in the top 3 on the importance meter. (I'm pretty sure for me, the groom is number one (; ) Now when we first got engaged, I thought picking my dress was going to be one of the easiest things. It wasn't. I made a terrible mistake that I think a lot of us girls make, which is to take in too many dresses on TV and the internet. As you can see by my picks below, I was all over the place.

Source: Maggie SotteroMaggie Sottero

Source: Reem Acra, BHLDN

So because I had no idea what would look right on me, I went on a test trial to a mass produced wedding store, you know the one. I tried on about five dresses, most in what I thought I wanted to wear and two in something different. My idea of the perfect dress was straps or cap-sleeves, something A-Line or a small trumpet. Something that showed my figure without showing all the goods and finally, something I could see myself wearing for 6 plus hours through dinner and dancing and pictures. So me and my mama went into the dressing room with some picks that my amazingly cute and sweet consultant pulled and tried them on. The strapless dresses made me look too hip-y and young, and the dresses with straps made me look like I was playing dress up. It was pretty much a disaster.

So I did what any bride worried they won't find "the one" would do, I looked at more magazines, dress galleries and watched about 5,000 episodes of SYTTD.  Meanwhile I googled the local bridal shops and found that one of them was having a trunk show for a line I had been staring at and bookmarks dresses from.  The day came and armed with print outs of the dresses I had to try on, I walked in with my future mother & sister-in-law and of course my mama. My high hopes came crashing down when I found out the dress I had called ahead to make sure I could try on, wasn't there. I really didn't have much hope for the appointment. Once we began trying on styles that were similar to what I thought I wanted, it was apparent that it was all going the way it went the first time. That is, until I put on the fourth dress.

This dress was shockingly everything I wanted to feel about a dress and very little about what I had pictured in my head. No longer did I feel like a little girl, I was really a woman. Everything thing I put on after just didn't compare. Obviously I can't share the dress with you, but I can share a couple pictures of other dresses that I tried.


Was it love at first wear for you and your dress? 

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