Hello, sweets!

Hello E & I readers! Before I dive into planning and inspiration, let me tell you a bit more about me. My fiance's name is Frank and we're both from the Central Valley in California. We met in 2007 and have been best friends and loves ever since. We were engaged on a last-minute trip to Half-Moon Bay on a beautiful beach at sunset, and have picture proof! By day I'm in insurance and in my free time I'm a blogger and wedding blog fiend. My wedding vision is not easily described but I'm hoping to achieve romance, vintage feeling details and a bit of craftiness. Now that you're a bit more familiar, let me tell you what I'm all about....sweets! Yes the venue and the dress are important and I can't tell you how excited I am over the decor options being discussed right now but sweets is all my mind can think of. With all of the amazing options out there, how can you not just want to jump right to the desert!?

Cake is what first comes to mind when you think of wedding desserts, but I think these cakes not only look great but offer a whimsical twist to the classic tiers. Donut cake? Sign me up!

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Of course a huge trend right now is cupcakes! Cupcakes not only have the ability to cut costs for the bride and groom but can add a little fun to your desert line and allow people to indulge a bit more than they would with a slice of cake. My favorites are the create your own cupcake bars like these.

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There's also frozen treat options for the ice creams gals out there, like me!. From DIY ice cream parlors to ice creams sandwiches and popsicle, any guest would be delighted to have one of these cool options. The packaging on the ice cream sandwich could also serve as a thank you note or a way to add your monogram.

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Are you like me, and can't wait to try some deserts? Are you offering a variety of deserts or sticking to a classic cake? Let me know ladies!

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