Invitation Time

We are just about six months out from our wedding – time flies when you are having fun! And with each passing month, we are slowly but surely checking things off our to-do list. Next item to tackle is invitations. My wedding planner wisely suggested picking out and ordering our invitation suite early. Unfortunately, our save-the-dates didn’t go that smoothly – it ended up taking three batches to get them right (if you have any suggestions of what to do with 320 extra save-the-dates, I am all ears!). So needless to say, I am following her recommendation so we have plenty of time to fix any unexpected mishaps.

Without really planning it, the city of San Francisco has become the theme of our wedding. I guess when you are planning a wedding in downtown SF and the majority of your guests are out-of-towners, it’s hard not to highlight this amazing place (pretty sure I’ve mentioned how much I love this city!). So it is not surprising that a lot of the invitation suites that have caught my eye are those that showcase the city/place where the wedding is being held.

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What do you think?

And in addition to your thoughts on the above, please post in the comments any and all ideas on what to do with these extra postcard save-the-dates! Maybe a guestbook? Art work? I am open to suggestions!