Love Shoot!

If the weather holds out, then my fiancé and I should be pretending to be models at our engagement shoot later today! We actually already had to reschedule it once due to weather, so I am hoping these gloomy San Francisco skies clear up!

I don’t know what it is about this shoot, but I was pretty anxious about it. I tend to be pretty critical about how I look in pictures, so I think I am just nervous about how they will turn out. To ease some of this anxiety, I did some research in order to better prepare for the shoot. Here are some helpful tips that I came across that I thought I would share. A girl’s got to look her best, right!

+ Get a manicure! There will likely be some close-up shots of your hands (show off that sparkly ring!), so make sure they look good! This goes for the dudes too!

+ Bring a couple of outfit changes or at least wear some layers that you can shed/add throughout the shoot.

+ Get a good night’s sleep – no partying the night before!

+ Wear something you feel AMAZING in – it will show in your pictures. Conversely, it will also show if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing!

+ Pick your partner’s outfit. My man has so many amazing qualities – picking out an outfit isn’t one of them. Luckily, he is totally fine with me telling him what to wear (right, babe?).

+ Consider getting your hair and make-up done by a professional. My make-up skills do not extend beyond applying a few coats of mascara, so I am leaving it to the pros (but I am bringing pictures of natural, pulled-together looks that I like!).

+ Have fun! It’s unlikely these pictures are going to end up in the pages of Vogue, so just enjoy it and have a blast. That will definitely come across in your photos!

Regardless, I know it will be a fun time. Surprisingly, Niall was actually really excited about this wedding to-do (secret desire of a modeling career perhaps?).

Can’t wait to share the outcome of our shoot with the amazing Gladys Jem with you all!

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