Welcome Bags..

I really like the idea of our guests being given a 'welcome bag' when they check in to the hotel.  We have been to a few weddings and we got things like advil, water, snacks, and gum in these cute little bags.  I think that while it might not be absolutely necessary, it's definitely a nice way to welcome our guests who will be spending the night.

I have seen some adorable cloth bags, like these cute bags from the wedding chicks, but I think we have a few too many guests (and are a little too close to the wedding) for these!

We might go with something a little easier though, like these adorable 'hooray!" bags from Handmade Weddings (my DIY bible).  I just love the fun vibe they give off - I think they fit in well with our theme.

    If we wanted to stick with the pattern on our invitations, then these chevron bags would be cute!

This bag is so cute, with a bit of a vintage vibe.  I like the map,  it's such a cute detail.  Clearly I am drawn to anything resembling kraft paper.  :)

Do you appreciate a welcome bag when you check-in?  What are some things you'd suggest filling them with?  I'd love some suggestions or opinions on things you like to receive as a guest!

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