{Spring is in the Air} Backyard Wedding Inspiration

In just a few months (weeks rather) my sister will be tying the knot herself. That's right, her and I will celebrate anniversaries a week away from each other :)

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They are having a pretty short engagement, and we are going down a bit of a different route for her wedding than we did for mine. But, I am pretty darn excited about the whole thing. So today I wanted to share just a tinge of the inspiration we have gathered for this lovely backyard affair. There will be about 40 guests in attendance and I have some super fun ideas up my sleeve that I can't wait to start working on. Since I will be DIYing the bejesus out of my parent's backyard, we have to make sure to fill the whole space and cross our fingers hard for no rain! (But I will confess, if it does rain, I'm so excited to do the ceremony in front of the fireplace. So romantic)

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I'm excited for the next few months and what that will bring.  And I am excited once again to craft it up so very much. It doesn't get much better than crafting nights, now does it?