Showered with Inspiration

It is pretty unconventional for a bride to be involved in planning the bridal shower, but when my mom and sister requested I be a part of the process, I just couldn’t refuse! Over the years, bridal showers have earned a reputation for being somewhat of a chore for the guests, so I hope we can create something that is light, fun, and truly a celebration for everyone involved. Two thoughts I had were a tea party or a champagne brunch.

Since I decided to go with the light pink and mint green color palette for the wedding, I know you are all expecting me to go blush pink and ivory for the shower, but I have a new vision! Since my inspiration for the wedding is soft and romantic, I thought it would be fun to liven things up a bit with lots of bright colors for the shower.

Tea Party Shower Inspiration:

one, two, three, four

OR- how much fun would it be too attend this fab bridal shower brunch? {inspired by this stunning bridal shower feature}

one, two, three, four

*Which party would you prefer to attend? OR If you are a bride- given the option, would you want to be involved in planning your own shower?