Vintage Typewriter Love

Kyle and I are the proud new owners of a 1920 Underwood typewriter. It's beautiful, rusty, it smells, and we love it.

It's so fun to think about the life this machine had before we found it. I mean, 1920 is a long time ago! This thing was shiny and probably finding its way into an office somewhere, or maybe onto the desk of an aspiring writer. Who knows! That's what is so fun about it! By the time it came to us (for $100 on Craigslist), it was a little broken down, didn't work too well, and needed a new typewriter ribbon. Thankfully, my future husband has that crazy ability to fix anything you put in front of him, so he shined it up, got new ribbon, and greased the wheels. It works like a charm now.

We had decided early on that we love vintage typewriters and definitely wanted one at our wedding. We want to use it as a guest book, so guests can type us a message and leave it with a Polaroid photo of themselves.

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But it was Kyle's bright idea that we use this typewriter for all sorts of other things! We both have bad handwriting, so why not type out all of the addresses for save the dates and invites?


Kyle even went so far as to type up the entire letter to the person we are asking to be our officiant! We're having way too much fun with this thing.

There are all sorts of places we can use our typewriter, and we are excited for all of them. We just love that SMACK it makes when the key hits the paper!

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Do you have plans to use a typewriter in your wedding, or for anything else? Do you too love the nostalgic elegance of a vintage typewriter?

Vintage typewriter font has this awkwardness about it that I adore. Nothing is in a straight line, and you have to "x" out your mistakes. They're a fun throwback to a time of better spellers and more thoughtful letter writers.