Wedding Bands..

I wasn't quite sure what type of wedding band I'd like best with my brilliant cut solitaire ring - but I know I love a vintage or antique looking ring.  It's really hard to find that style of ring in chain jewelry stores though, and  I'm worried about buying a ring online.  What if they don't fit together quite right in person?  Have any of you purchased wedding bands online, without trying them on first?  I'd really have to check their return policy before taking the plunge.

I also really like an enhancer, or ring guard style - they are really unique, and I liked how a few looked paired with my ring when we checked out a few stores this past weekend.  Here are a few styles I've considered.  Which is your favorite?  Any good stores or sites you would recommend?

Or I could always choose a plain dainty band, and just add stones later if I wanted to.  These rings by Blanca Monrós Gomez are so pretty.

Or maybe something totally different like these fingerprint wedding bands from this cute etsy shop?

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How did you pick your wedding band?  Did it match your engagement setting?   I know whatever I pick will be great, and we could always upgrade for an anniversary, so I'm not stressing too much about it.  But I need to make a decision pretty soon!  What's your wedding band look like?