The Engagement Shoot :: On The Beach

It's time for Vinnie and I to send out our save the dates. Even though we have plenty of old photos of us to chose from, I think there's something special about having an engagement shoot and using one of those photos for a "save the date." Ideally, this photo shoot would have taken place back in September when he proposed, but time flies, life happens... we got busy, and almost forgot about it.

Since we live in LA, Vinnie is from LA, and I'm from San Francisco, I think it would be suiting to have our shoot on the beach. Maybe Manhattan or Hermosa Beach, where I work.  I browsed the web and found some fun and romantic shoots of other couples to help inspire us. Vinnie is excited to have an engagement shoot, but wants our photo shoot to be unique- nothing too cheesey or overplayed. (He teased me a little about the footprints in the sand shot at the bottom of this page. lol.)

Have an ideas on how we could achieve a fresh look in an overused location, like the beach?