The Wedding Website + RSVPing

After searching the web through all of the pre-made wedding website builders, and even building a site on (which is my pick for a premade site builder), I just wasn't satisfied. I really wanted our wedding branding to be more seamless than what the pre-built sites allowed. I am decently knowledgeable about how to build a basic website, so I decided that rather than being sad that the colors on our site and the flower-y images don't really match our theme, I decided to purchase and create a site on my own.

I think in today's world a wedding site is essential, it allows guests to easily book accommodations, find your registry, check last minute details and it gives you yet another place to tell your story. My site is very basic (and some pages aren't even unlocked yet...I don't want to give everything away right off the bat). But I hope that it gives my guests the information they need in an easily accessible way.

The one thing I am still debating about our site is RSVPs. Should I do them all online, or should I send an RSVP card in the invitation with the option to RSVP online? The main reason that I like sending the paper RSVP card is because of this:

Oh how I love open-ended response cards. I would LOVE to have a book of these!

What do you think? RSVP online, in print or both? How do I get people to send back adorable messages like the ones above?