For The Love of Paper

I am a teacher. Often times, I feel like I am drowning in paper-- papers to grade, papers to hand out, papers to file... But this is all just ugly lined white paper. So, perhaps this is why, when I got to pick out beautiful paper to represent my wedding, I went a little over board. First, I fell in love with envelope liners-- they can be cute, they can be modern, and they make people happy as soon as they open the envelope!  

top; bottom left; bottom right

Then, I fell in love with letterpress & typography! The texture, the fonts, the beauty in the simplicity!

clockwise from top left: 1; 2; 3; 4

And vintage stamps!



top; bottom left; bottom right

Then... I realized that while save-the-dates and invitations set the tone for the wedding and are very important, I did not want to spend my entire budget on them. They are beautiful, yes, but most people will just throw them away. So, I scaled down my expectations, and started planning with my awesome bridesmaid to design my own paper products. What is your must have in an invitation suite? Do you want multiple envelopes, tissue paper, and calligraphy? Or are your tastes more simple? Leave a comment and let me know!

PS- If you love the look of vintage postage, you can buy individual postage stamps on Etsy or here. Beware, though! Postage will be going up in January and there are rumors that it could go WAY up in the future! Brides, you may want to stock up on Forever stamps!