Preserving Invitations: A Christmas Ornament

Since getting engaged and beginning the wedding planning process, I now have a much deeper appreciation for stationery. It’s all so gorgeous, which is why I’ve had such a hard time throwing away my friends' and family members' invitations after their wedding. I now know that that they likely cost a pretty penny and, more importantly, a lot of love, thought and consideration went into choosing them. So what to do? Well I recently came across a great recommendation to make it into a Christmas ornament! It’s super easy (trust me - I am no Martha Stewart!) and serves as a great keepsake to give to the bride and groom as a wedding gift (I usually give it in addition to something they actually wanted). And now every year when they pull out their Christmas ornaments to decorate their tree they can reminisce about their wonderful wedding day.

I first purchased some clear glass ornament balls. I purchased mine online, but I am sure they sell them at any craft store. They come in all different sizes, but I particularly love the 4” ornaments.

 Credit: Ornament

Next I took the invitation and began cutting it in strips being sure to capture a complete line of writing so you can still read it. The strip size will vary based on the size of the font. I try to save all the paper that comes with the invitation, even the envelope if possible. That way you have lots of options to choose from.

Next I took a pen and wrapped the strips around it to create a curl. You might have to stretch it out a bit to your liking.

Finally, I inserted the curled strips into the ornament. You can shake it up a bit to change the arrangement inside or use a pair of tweezers to pull some out if it looks too full.

Finally, I took some ribbon in a color that corresponded with their invitations and tied it in a bow. You can also add charms, glitter, confetti, etc. The possibilities are endless!

I love how you can catch glimpses of the couple's names, venue, etc.

And here is another version I made for a family member using a smaller size ornament. I’ve given it to a few of my friends and family and they’ve all really appreciated it.

How about you – any other creative ideas to preserve/keepsake a wedding invitation? Let’s hear them!