Cozy Winter Engagement Photos + Dress Update!

First of all, an update for all you followers out there… I chose the dress!! I went whimsical and am so incredibly excited. I brought another bridesmaid back to the shop where I had originally seen the dress, to try to get a different perspective. I looked in the mirror and realized that I could search all over the state of California and not find anything that comes close to this dress. So (after a minor panic attack) I said, “let’s do it!” I’m really happy and excited about the decision! And now that I can stop thinking about (ok, obsessing over) the dress, I can think about other exciting things…

…Like our engagement photos! We’re taking them this weekend with Ken Kienow, in San Luis Obispo, California.

We booked Ken this fall and scheduled our shoot for the first weekend that we were all free. However, I was a little bit bummed that we wouldn’t be taking them in warm weather. I think I had always imagined taking photos on a warm and sun-kissed day.

Then, I realized how adorable a cozy fall or winter inspired shoot could be. There is something so romantic about this time of year, cuddling up with your honey and sipping coffee on a rainy day.

So we’re taking photos at a coffee shop and I’m really excited to capture that romance!

Here’s some cozy engagement shoot inspiration.

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And this is the sweater I bought from J. Crew. How perfect is this?!

 Anyone else do winter-themed engagement photos?