Love On The Beach

My fiance, Dan, and I met on a boat, {and he grew up on the Jersey shore} so, it seemed only fitting that we incorporate a nautical element into our wedding. We decided on a nautical themed engagement shoot and I immediately began scouring the internet for inspiration.


After much planning and multiple emails to and from our fabulous photographer, Amanda, we made the shoot come to life.

Source for all photos

{The Details} The shoot took place on a little island off the Jersey shore. The lifesaver was a styrofoam one I found on the internet, that I was able to stencil with supplies purchased from a craft store. I searched everywhere for a blue and white beach ball and eventually located this one online, which worked perfectly! I knew I wanted to recreate the running shot from my original inspiration, as I am a runner and Dan incorporated an element of my love for running into his proposal. I think our photographer captured my inspiration perfectly and I love how we were able to include Dan's family's boat into the shoot!