Pies + Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. I was thinking about what I wanted to post about today, it being Thanksgiving and all. Yes, I could talk about giving thanks, but this is my slightly off way of giving thanks.

Today I'm posting ALLLLL about pies. But not just because pie is awesome, but because it has been a very special thing in my life since before I could remember. You see, my Grandma was a big pie person. She would make them all the time, and she was pretty damn good at it. It was always my favorite thing about holidays.

Before she passed she gave me her recipe and taught me how to make pies and the crust like she does. I don't think I have yet mastered this, but it is now something that I love to make all the time as well. This is what Thanksgiving reminds me of, and the fact that it is becoming a wedding trend is totally my favorite thing thing because I love them oh so much.

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