Blogging Brides: Mollie :: A DIY Georgia Bride

Name:  Mollie Molumby
 Age: 29
 Occupation:  Public Relations & Social Media Manager
 Wedding Date:  June 9, 2012
 Venue:  Private Residence - Lake Oconee, GA
 Planner:  Myself and my wonderful friends and family
 Photographer:  Erin Ashford Photography

About Me: I'm a west coast girl living in the south. I was born in California, raised in Arizona and now live in Georgia with my incredible fiance, Tyler. We met in September 2008 when his alma mater, University of Georgia, played west of the Mississippi for the first time in 50-something years against my alma mater, Arizona State University. My friend Steph and I happened to sit at a table next to two Bulldog fans and in-between making fun of his attire (short shorts, loafers and socks that read, "blah, blah, blah") and asking him to say things in his southern accent, Tyler got my phone number and the rest was history. About a year later, I was that girl who moved across the country for a guy (thankfully it all worked out -- ha).

I'm obsessed with anything and everything D-I-Y. I'm inspired by random acts of life, bookstores and mall food courts.I love, ab-so-lute-ly love taking on projects, yet I am the current titleholder for the world's biggest procrastinator (Seriously. Ask my mother.). I feel that our wedding planning will incorporate all of those elements -- which will prove to be exciting, stressful and most importantly, FUN.

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Wedding Style: Tyler and I are both laid back, funky (we like to think so), fix-it-upper, strategically chaotic people. So far, wedding planning has been a mixture of all the ideas we love about life. A backyard, outdoor atmosphere with personal elements that we have made together (yes, my future husband is crafty or as he likes to refer to it ,"manly handy"), southern food and lots of dancing. Since I began secretly planning our lives together, I always knew a vintage, rustic wedding theme was for me. We (okay, I) have been going garage sale hunting for unique decor elements and collecting massive amounts of jars, bottles and anything I think I can sand, paint or refinish. We rented a beautiful house on the lake that spans 8 acres, so we have plenty of room to work with for our on-a-budget, made-with-love wedding.