Wedding Monograms

Since I got married, SOOOO many more amazing websites have come out to make the process so much easier. It is funny to think that I got married at a time when Pinterest wasn't there to make everything insanely easy to keep track of. Back in THOSE days, we just had folders on the desktop with thousands of pretty unorganized photos.


Here comes another amazingly helpful site. It is by no means a wedding site, but everyone get married, and when designers tie the knot, the paper goods are effing incredible. Dribbble is a site for designers to post work, get feedback and show what they are working on. Since I love (and suck at) design, I peruse it all the time and of course, I had to poke around to see the wedding offerings. Since there is just sooo much good stuff, I'll feature a few of my faves here and there.

This week I wanted to feature monograms. Ian and I actually did a monogram. I realize there are actually no photographs of it, and there are no photographs of our awesome invitations (where the monogram sat for the most part), so I can't show it, but I was obsessed with having a monogram and as much as Ian wasn't convinced, I made him do it.

I told him the other day that I wished we knew about this site when we were designing our invites. He agreed. I loved our invites, but it would have been nice for him (I assume) to gather some inspiration from designers that fit his aesthetic more. If any of you are planning on doing your own invites, this could prove to be a good resource for it!

Credit: BBQ WeddingLauren + Tim, Meghan + PJ, R&J, C&DBrian & Steph