Hayley Paige :: Romantic + Whimsical + Couture

Oh how I LOVE wedding dresses, especially the uber couture awesome ones. And seeing as this collection is brand new from Hayley Paige, one of the designers behind Melissa Sweet, I am even more obsessed, for obvious reasons.

 I can't wait to see what is up ahead for this brand new line Hayley Paige.

This lovely collection popped up at Bridal Market (which is on my list of to-do's for next year) and I'm totally in love. The style is whimsical and romantic and still totally couture. That's what I love about wedding dresses, and probably why I only fall in love with super high end ones. I need the texture and the draping to be effortless. Even more so now with the loss of Priscilla of Boston, we need more amazing emerging designers and wonderful collections like this, without all the diamonds and satin. Couture wedding dresses just can't become a thing of the past!