Living Room Ideas + Inspiration

Wedding break? I don't really feel like there is such a thing because the entire time I was planning my wedding I was gathering inspiration from every corner I could. So today, while I figure out the layout of my house, I'm hoping these textures, colors and designs offer some awesome inspiration for making your wedding a little more unique. I love those smaller details that really make the space complete. Which is why I am spending my day looking for end tables (instead of working as I probably should be doing at the moment.) Of course this search continued on until before I knew it, I was re-designing my entire living room. But I gotta say, it NEEDS it! Out with the shabby chic, in with the awesomeness.

Fave end tables?

Though I love the bright ones, I might stick to either the mirrored or white ones because of the new design I have in mind for the rest of my living room.

Actually maybe the bold yellow would actually look good with such a statement couch? I don't know. Thoughts would be awesome!