The All New Inspired Guide

Today is finally the day! The Inspired List re-design is now live and there are so many super awesome features that we can't wait to share. First of all, we have changed the name to Inspired Guide. Make sure you take a peak around as we have changed a whole lot more than the name.

You can still search by budget and location but now you can do all those things without ever leaving the Engaged & Inspired site! We have updated everything to reflect the true personality of this lovely blog.

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One of the most exciting new features is the all new Hand-Picked Section! We have hand-crafted a group of talented vendors who create stunning products and continue to blow us away. This group is picked by yours truly and are people I would and have worked with personally. So check out our wonderful recommendations.

To apply for a spot in the Hand-Crafted Section e-mail

Last but not least I have to give a huge thank you to my husband for all his amazing work with Engaged & Inspired. Everything you see here and anywhere on this site is his doing. He has spent endless hours designing and developing this site. I truly could not ask for a better partner in crime. He seriously believes in me so much and will do anything to support my (sometimes wild) dreams. Without him this would never be what it is, both in the design aesthetic and brand aspect, because not only does he channel my design ideas into something much more amazing that I could ever come up with myself (seriously, my design skills lack like you wouldn't believe) , he has completely supported my decision to become a freelancer and live a life on the far more wild side making my blog and freelance writing (and my dream of creating something for myself) my main gig. Pretty sure I couldn't live without him (although this shouldn't be news seeing as I have known that since I was like 13.)

I hope you all enjoy this baby of mine that we have both put so so much into.

And of course I would love to hear feedback, questions, and the possible bug or two that might arise as we continue to work out some kinks! E-mail