iPhone Inspirational Awesomeness

This morning I awoke at 4:30 a.m. to get in line for the new iPhone. I have done it every single year, and there is no point in stopping now! My last phone was insanely shattered and just beat to hell. This time I am going to take immaculate care of this beauty (seeing as this is the last Steve Jobs approved device :( there will ever be) I have decided to post my iPhone design options here because I want something that inspires me every single day. And since I feel like wedding inspiration is best curated from many different sometimes not so traditional places, this is a chance I have to surround myself with something pretty!


I think these two below are my favorites of the moment. And if I could add my logo, that would be even more awesome. I wonder if I can do that??

Credit: striped iPhone case, triangle iPhone case

This abstract-awesomeness is just killing me right now. So inspirational with all the wonderful colors.

Credit: Triangle iPhone Case, Scalloped iPhone case 

And you can never ever go wrong with a little Kate Spade.

Credit: Kate Spade striped, Kate Spade polka dots

And though I wouldn't actually get either of these below, I am basically obsessed with both. Hot air balloons are wonderful, and then of course anything Doctor Who is my favies. Although I think that would make me look a bit too geeky to the people behind me at the coffee shop .

Credit: Hot Air Balloon iPhone case, Doctor Who iPhone case