The Wedding Room

DISCLAIMER: I ended up taking all the furniture and wall art out of this room a while back so it could be purely wedding focused (aka....I didn't want to get confused with having SO much crap everywhere), so excuse the lack of home decor that you are about to see! Maybe you have heard mention of the "wedding room" where all my wedding magic happens. After several requests for photos, I have put together a tour through my wedding room in all it's glory.

It started as an office, but I never created something I felt comfortable working in (my local coffee shop takes the cake as a comfortable office goes.) Next it turned into a guest bedroom, which served its purpose many times, but as the wedding drew closer, it turned into a storage unit, and not an organized one. This place was basically a pit filled with all things wedding from bags to boxes, DIY projects and oh so much more.

I needed a break from all the wedding stuff I have been doing so I focused on organizing, cleaning and decorating my home. (Ian was away for his bachelor party meaning I had 2 days of organizing madness ahead of me!). I started with the rest of the house and eventually moved into the wedding room. I started just cleaning out all the bags and boxes and putting things in their place in preparation for wedding transportation.

In the end I ended up with a totally clean and organized room along with several boxes of stuff ready to go on site at the wedding venue! Here is an overall look of the room where all the "magic" happens.

That small desk (to the right) is an extension of the room where all the table numbers are being made.

And now for the closer look:

I am using tons of letters and tons of jars, those are rampant among these parts. I have been on a massive search for the past 6 months and have collected each and every one from all around town. Bummer is that I need about 50 more (yay for rental companies!). This is a collection of the favor table, cake table and dinner table decor.

Next up is the supply table, but not before taking a glance at some amazing windows.

During the last DIY party it became quite evident that I was extremely unorganized. 6 girls and 1 pair of sizzors just doesn't cut it for very long. (unintentional pun intended). Ian ended up having to go back and forth to the store picking up all the odds and ends in the supply department. Seeing as we are having our final DIY party this coming weekend, I thought it was fitting to keep all of the supplies in one place and in an organized fashion. Oh and that massive pile of books will be table runners.....somehow.

Favorite tool so far: my glue gun. I didn't opt for a very hefty one, but this $7 item has worked wonders, and is extremely satisfying.

I had photos of the closet, but they didn't turn out all that well. That is a place for supplies such as twine, paper, fabric and all that other stuff that you are going to need for basically every DIY project. It also serves as the space to keep my wedding day attire, bags of stuff I haven't been able to start on yet, and more.

Last up is the corner of the room that still serves the orignal purpose of a "guest bedroom".

So there is a look into the world of my home and everything wedding. Getting organized was a definite breathe of fresh air for me as I was able to see what I actually had and what I still needed. I went all around the house grabbing all the wedding stuff laying around in other places and put it in here where it rightfully belongs making it so much easier to keep my mind on one room of stuff as opposed to a house full of wedding stuff basically everywhere.